How to enhance EBICS, Part 8 – Preventing double submissions using EBICS tools: What’s going on?

FINGERPRINT BLACK WHITEIt happened in a blink. The payment orders were accidentally transferred to the bank twice via EBICS. Nobody noticed. A number of such error cases are possible:

  1. A payment was entered and sent twice in the order input.
  2. The file with the payment orders was transferred again – for the second time.
  3. For technical reasons, the payment file was transferred twice because the transfer status of the first transfer was not clear.

A double submission is basically a case of a customer submitting a payment or file with identical data to the bank again within a defined period of time. However, is an identical submission always a double submission that generally must be rejected? No, because some payments are deliberately prepared and transferred multiple times by the submitter. Continue reading

Blog series: How to enhance EBICS, Part 1 – Customer order reference

Eye on technology background.In this new blog series I would like to create a regular opportunity to reflect on potential or desirable extensions to EBICS. Suggestions will have a specifically technical and specialised background, from which various solutions can be identified. To begin with, this first article in the series deals with customer order references.

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