Internationally in harmony with EBICS BTF

Correct BalanceSabine Wenzel, EBICS Secretary, EBICS SCRL

In 2010, the French CFONB and German DK banking authorities created a joint EBICS committee. One of its visions is to harmonise EBICS. The different procedures that already existed in these countries influenced the EBICS specification and are making it more difficult to implement EBICS. Germany and France use different approaches for the (short) identifiers for business transactions and for the formats to be used. This topic was given further momentum when Switzerland joined the EBICS SCRL. A harmonisation project was initiated with the goal of a standardised procedure for all of EBICS. This consolidation is known as EBICS BTF. Continue reading

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EBICS – Opportunities to internationalise

spherical puzzle with missing piecesThomas Stosberg, GTB Product Management, Deutsche Bank AG

After Germany and France, Switzerland is the third country to join the EBICS community, taking the internationalisation of EBICS a step further. Has EBICS got the potential to become an international standard and is this in the interest of customers and banks? Continue reading