More convenience for EBICS customers

When it comes to making things more convenient for corporate customers using the EBICS protocol, there are a few hurdles to overcome. The first challenge is configuring the communication parameters to reach a desired EBICS bank server, the next is the complicated exchange of EBICS keys via INI letter and bank key activation.

If we as customer product manufacturers could get help from the EBICS Company for the first task, i.e. the configuration of the communication parameters, we would quickly be able to make the second task, the key exchange process, much easier for users of the EBICS protocol.   

 This scenario could be implemented quickly by the EBICS Company providing authorised and registered manufacturers with a list of all EBICS banks, their technical access and host ID, and the last known bank key as a hash value. Then the customer product manufacturers could integrate the provided values into their EBICS customer applications and considerably simplify the configuration of the technical EBICS access for users. User input errors with lengthy support requests would be a thing of the past and users would have one less hurdle to overcome to use EBICS.

With the data provided by the EBICS Company, the verification of bank keys in customer products could also be simplified. This would reduce the complicated process of EBICS key submission and bank key checks to a minimum. Indeed, it is conceivable that customers would then receive an activation within a few minutes and could immediately begin using EBICS communication. The effort required to activate the EBICS access would then be comparable to the activation of online banking for private customers.
Dear EBICS Company, would you consider creating an EBICS bank list? Like the one DK has been providing in a similar form for FinTS bank servers for years?  

Author: Michael Schunk


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