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Michael Lembcke

Michael Lembcke is specialist in corporate customer payments and EBICS. As product manager at PPI AG, he is the responsible for the development of e-banking products for the corporate client business. Michael Lembcke has over 20 years of experience in consulting and software development projects for banks and insurance companies. Prior to PPI, the business information specialist worked as IT organizer for the HINZ hospital organization.

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Marc Dutech

Marc Dutech is an expert in payments, especially for the EBICS standard. With 25 years of experience in the use of e-banking software, he is responsible for numerous projects for the successful implementation of EBICS applications. Marc Dutech is Managing Director of PPI France, the French subsidiary of PPI AG. PPI France markets TRAVIC e-banking products in France, Southern Europe and all French-speaking countries. Prior to PPI France, Marc Dutech was senior product manager for e-banking at XRT and managing director of Diagram EDI.

Carsten Miehling

Carsten Miehling is at home in the financial standards. In the Payments Committee Switzerland (PaCoS) he supported the working group EBICS, which defines the implementation guidelines for the Swiss financial center. He was also a member of working groups of the Swiss Commission for Standardization in the Financial Sector (SKSF). The path of the studied computer science engineer led UBS and ABACUS Research AG in the year 2000 into the management of the company RECON from Zug. Since January 2015 Carsten Miehling acts as Managing Director of PPI Switzerland.

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